Home Field Advantage: Ben Olsen’s RFK

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The players trickle out of the dugout at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium and onto a near-perfect pitch on a sunny Friday. Groundskeepers in gas-powered carts zip in and out of the main stadium tunnel and circle a dirt track that surrounds the field. United States and D.C. flags flap from the sloping roof that ...

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The Diva Way

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What does it mean to be a diva? A D.C. Diva, that is, the stalwart women’s full-contact football team that is currently surging toward its second straight Women’s Football Alliance Super Bowl Championship.  Well, it’s really not very complicated, but that’s not to say that being a part of one of the District’s proudest, most successful ...

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EverGreen: The Ward 8 Fiefdom of LaRuby May And Friends

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By Bill Myers and Jeffrey Anderson Chroniclers of local politics may have noted two rival clans competing for the wanting throne that presides over the District of Columbia. One house dwells mostly east of the Anacostia River and marks its descent from the Civil Rights era and its principle dynast, Marion Barry. The other unfurls its standards ...

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RFK Glory

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Photographs by Andy DelGiudice. Words by Jeffrey Anderson. Last Saturday, D.C. United celebrated the 20th anniversary of its first match, on April 20, 1996, at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. Days later, Mayor Muriel Bowser, wearing a hard hat and clutching a shovel, presided over a groundbreaking for the team’s future home at Buzzard Point ...

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Gimme Shelter: Fashion Pioneer Rick Daniels Dreams of a Comeback; But First He Needs a Place to Live

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By Jeffrey Anderson and Jim McElhatton. Photographs by Andy DelGiudice unless noted in caption.  Each day, in a tiny basement apartment in Brightwood Park, Rick Daniels’ home health aide Taka checks his blood pressure. If it’s over a certain level, he goes to the hospital, and if necessary, a nurse draws up to 650 milliliters ...

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D.C. Does Bad Real Estate Deals, But Why?

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With more than 15 years on the D.C. Council, four of them at the helm, Chairman Phil Mendelson is known as perhaps the city’s most knowledgeable legislator on the subject of land use and real estate development. So his frustration resonated when he spoke in February to several dozen members of the Committee of 100 ...

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Out To Pasture: The Only Thing Worse Than Living In Barry Farms Is The Threat Of Being Pushed Out

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From the bottom of Stevens Road, in Southeast D.C., Barry Farm is a warren of dilapidated, water-damaged and boarded-up dwellings behind chain link fences, separated by common areas and terraced hillsides. At the top of the hill, the road ends at a one-way street. Turn left and a “Do Not Enter” sign marks a street ...

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The District Digs Out

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The greater mid-Atlantic was hit with a crippling weekend blizzard that amassed over 20 inches of snow throughout the Washington, D.C. area. The following images captured before, during and after the storm depict residents weathering the storm and dealing with its remnants. 

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Welcome to The Dig

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Welcome to District Dig, a Washington, D.C., based news source devoted to long-form reporting and photojournalism. The brainchild of Jeffrey Anderson and Andy DelGiudice, The Dig seeks to fill a void in the coverage of the District’s politics, residents and communities. We at The Dig hope to use this site as a platform for a number ...

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