District Dig is a website, but it’s also an idea, a commitment to high quality photojournalism, long-form storytelling and investigative reporting in the public interest. It is the brainchild of photographer Andy DelGiudice and reporter Jeffrey Anderson, who met at a D.C. Council oversight hearing and soon discovered a shared interest and vision for contributing to the civic discourse in D.C.

Their initial collaborations became the impetus for The Dig, which, after a one-year hiatus, they see as an outlet for stories about the District and its inhabitants, with a core principle of quality over quantity.

The Dig aspires to be an agent for change, an uncompromising alternative to traditional outlets, with the goal of elevating the conversation about life in an evolving city by presenting images, information and insights to its communities and residents.  

The Founders

Jeffrey Anderson
Journalist | Managing Editor

Jeff is a veteran reporter who views journalism as a vehicle for public good. He seeks to hold government and officials accountable, and invests in people and their stories with persistence and a sense of purpose. He also likes to tell a good tale, and is a lover of music, film, culture and the arts.


Andy DelGiudice
Photographer | Production Editor

Andy is a photographer that uses the camera as an entry point to the social, political and cultural landscape of Washington, D.C.; a tool for learning more about the environment that surrounds him, and engaging citizens through his visual lens.  


Got any tips or insights? Drop us a line at districtdig@gmail.com